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    13 Interesting Facts About Cannabis

    Cannabis is one of the earliest domesticated and fastest growing crops, yet, there is still a lot to learn about the legendary plant. From ancient times to modern day, the plant has a long history including some quite surprising information. We’ve got facts about cannabis covered.

    It was only right to compile a list for those (novices and experienced alike) who wish to know more. We think you will find them pretty cool or perhaps, even eye-opening. Without further ado, here are 13 interesting facts about cannabis that will leave you mind-blown.


    1. Shakespeare May Have Smoked Cannabis

      Was Shakespeare high while creating some of his greatest works? Well, a few South African scientists seem to think so. In a forensic laboratory at South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand, 24 clay tobacco pipes dating back to the 17th century were excavated from Shakespeare’s garden near Stratford-upon-Avon, England. According to the scientists who examined the fragments, several of them contained trace amounts of cannabis, including nicotine.

      While these findings don’t prove that the renowned poet and playwright consumed cannabis or even that the pipes were his actual property, this fascinating discovery has led many to speculate nonetheless.


    1. Cannabis and Beer are Botanical Cousins

      Among the many other plants in nature, there’s no genetic relationship closer than that of hops and cannabis. These two plants are members of the same botanical family of flowering plants called cannabaceae. While there are no cannabinoids contained in hops, further research shows that their similarities go well beyond how they look and feel. 
      Similarly to cannabis, hops like Humulus or H. lupulus is one of the most notable relatives and contains fibrous stems full of terpenes, such as myrcene and beta-pinene. This could explain why U.S. brewers have recently been adding cannabis flower to the beer-making process, which, might we add has proven that these two plants make quite a tasty combination.
    2. Cannabis Use In Italy Legal For Rasta

      sThat’s right. Rastafarians have been granted legal recourse of smoking cannabis in Italy. Followers of the Rastafari religion use cannabis during their meditation sessions. As the story goes, in 2004, a Rastafarian man was nearly sentenced to 4 months in prison plus a €4,000 fine for having 8 grams of cannabis in his possession and a further 50 grams at his home. However, his lawyer successfully argued that cannabis consumption was a sacrament to his defendants religion. The verdict? The high court enabled the approval for Rastas to consume the herb. 
      Although current laws fail to recognize the Rastafari religion (originating in Jamaica somewhere in the 1930’s) it’s classified as not only a religious movement, but a social one as well. Jah bless!