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    CBD Toothpaste - CBD Oral Care - CBDent -CBDDENT - CBD Dent

    Reinventing oral care using the healing benefits of CBD, organic, and non-GMO ingredients

    Our Key Benefits

    CBDent is committed to giving back. With every purchase made
    10% of the profits will go towards helping spread a smile.


    Tea Tree Oil + Peppermint Oil

    Each of these ingredients brings its unique properties to work together to help reduce inflammation bringing relief to sensitive gums.

    Reduces Sensitivity

    Hydroxyapatite + Xylitol + Calcium Carbonate

    Help to occlude dentinal tubules which is believed to be the cause of tooth sensitivity.

    Cavity Prevention and Enamel Support

    Hydroxyapapite + Xylitol

    Hydroxyapatite remineralizes your teeth to increase resistance to bacteria. Bacteria can't metabolize xylitol so this starves them to nutrients they need to survive.


    Hydrated Silica + Calcium Carbonate

    These two were specifically formulated to gently remove plaque without damaging your enamel. 

    Meet Our Team

    Scientific Advisory Board

    Our scientific advisory board, comprised of dentists, medical doctors, nutritionists  and scientists, helps guide our thinking around the latest research and product innovation.

    CBD Toothpaste - CBD Oral Care - CBDent -CBDDENT - CBD Dent

    Dr. Akinlolu Jegede, DDS

    Research & Development


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